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Friday, July 16, 2010

Moving Back To Silicon Valley

No, I don't blog much any longer, but need to update the post below. After 15 months I am leaving Telstra in late July and moving back to Silicon Valley in August.

We have launched important products over the past months with great customer feedback and reviews, showing that change is coming to Telstra and that there is a renewed focus on user experience.

For example, in April we launched the T-Hub: The T-hub received great reviews, e.g.:
"The unit is well designed, and not just aesthetically, but also conceptually" -

In June we launched the T-Box, Telstra's first IPTV offering. Example of press:
"..struck by the ease of use and ‘flow’", "it's really quite impressive" -

Over the past year we have also made significant changes to "The Telstra Development Process", which incorporates important user-centred design activities previously omitted from Telstra's official development process. These changes have driven more focus on user experience across the business and across functions.

I wish everyone at Telstra well, I will be cheering from the sidelines. But now I'm looking forward to going back home to the San Francisco Bay Area and to once again work amongst the world's sharpest innovators and entrepreneurs