ad Silicon Tails: Usability Days Conference is over

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Usability Days Conference is over

The 2-days seminar on usability taking place in Copenhagen is over. I think things went well, lots of good dicussion following my speech. I received follow-up emails from participants describing the keynote as "eye-opening" and "truly inspirational" and initial reactions in the blogosphere are positive, e.g. over at Klaus Silberbauer's place. Just like Klaus, btw, I really liked Eric Reiss' presentation on user experience and innovation: great energy, fun and intelligent. I have long wanted to meet Erik in person, so it was a pleasure to finally have an opportunity to sit down and chat. Eric recently started a UX consultancy - Fatdux - with one of my good friends Thomas Snitker (and Soeren Muus, a graphic designer I also had the pleasure of meeting). That was actually the best part of the 'coming home experience' this time - meeting interesting people. It's great to see how the UX field is maturing in Denmark (outside of academia).

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