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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Google Answers - RIP

Google's got no answer for Yahoo Answers - MarketWatch

This is Marketwatch's comment on the news that Google is essentially shutting down its "Answers" product. Excerpt:

"Speculation among Google critics on Wednesday was that Google Answers was no match for Yahoo Answers, a feature introduced last year in the United States that also let users pose questions. But unlike Google Answers, at Yahoo Answers anyone could ask or answer a question for free.

Yahoo Answers has roughly 60 million unique users, according to Yahoo Inc. spokeswoman Melissa Rische.

"We didn't set out to end Google Answers," she wrote in an email. "Yahoo saw an opportunity to build a community for users seeking knowledge, whereas Google's effort was something different, more one-sided."

Google say that they are re-focusing efforts (basically they need to kill some of the hndreds of projects that are going nowehere I guess). Danny Sullivan says that "killing off the service certainly will help Google seem like it is focusing efforts toward more needed areas". "But it still feels like an odd, almost surrendering move in the face of Yahoo Answers being such a success."

There is no doubt (even in the mind of a completely unbiased user of Y! Answers like me :-): Yahoo! Answers Rocks!!