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Friday, June 16, 2006

Changes to Silicon Tails

I am sure that my observant readers have noticed that I just recently integrated Yahoo! Search on this blog. It should be a matter of course, but I have been lazy in getting it done. I have had Google on here because the original intention of this blog was to try out and evaluate Google's Ad sense product - not a big surprise given my job and affiliation (I'll keep my opinions and analyses regarding ad sense to myself) - and I actually continue to serve ads from Google in the right bar along with ads from Yahoo! (remember that any proceeds from these ads go entirely to the Christian Children's Fund - one of the charities that my wife and have chosen to support - read more about why in this blogpost). Anyway, now I have finally put the yodel where it belongs on this blog. I also updated the Yahoo! Answers module that you will find in the right bar - it is a cool Flash thing that shows my recent questions and answers.

And to those kind souls who comment on the spelling of "Tails" in the name of this blog: Yes, it is on purpose - I am telling tales to a small group of readers, and this information will join the long tail of information on the Internet.

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