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Friday, June 16, 2006

Changes to Silicon Tails

I am sure that my observant readers have noticed that I just recently integrated Yahoo! Search on this blog. It should be a matter of course, but I have been lazy in getting it done. I have had Google on here because the original intention of this blog was to try out and evaluate Google's Ad sense product - not a big surprise given my job and affiliation (I'll keep my opinions and analyses regarding ad sense to myself) - and I actually continue to serve ads from Google in the right bar along with ads from Yahoo! (remember that any proceeds from these ads go entirely to the Christian Children's Fund - one of the charities that my wife and have chosen to support - read more about why in this blogpost). Anyway, now I have finally put the yodel where it belongs on this blog. I also updated the Yahoo! Answers module that you will find in the right bar - it is a cool Flash thing that shows my recent questions and answers.

And to those kind souls who comment on the spelling of "Tails" in the name of this blog: Yes, it is on purpose - I am telling tales to a small group of readers, and this information will join the long tail of information on the Internet.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Internet search engines |

Internet search engines |

Interesting article in the Economist about search engines. More funny than actually informative if you already follow that market. For example, look at the drawing: Forget all about mathematics and philosophjical dilemmas; here's how the tortoise beats the rabbit: The rabbit thinks it's the best and doesn't really know where to go from here. Or the way Jim Lanzone of describes Yahoo's social search strategy as “a long walk for a short beer.” I respectfully disagree of course. Eckart Walther (GM of Y! Search) says it well in this piece by pointing out that in contrast to the quasi-religious faith that Google places in its mathematical algorithms, Yahoo! is “about combining the best of people with the best of technology”.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Forbes chats with Y!'s SVP for Search

A Question Mark For Yahoo! -

Occassion is the PR stunt we are currently running in New York and other places for Yahoo Answers, Yahoo!'s unique knowledge search product. If you have not already tried it I encourage you to at And let me know what you think.......

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Yahoo's Approach to Keeping Personas Alive

UIE Brain Sparks: Yahoo's Approach to Keeping Personas Alive

Just noticed that Jared Spool wrote a little piece about personas following the CHI conference in Montreal. He basically focuses on Aviva Rosenstein's part of a panel session on personas. Aviva heads up our Yahoo! Media design research team in Santa Monica (so I am privileged to have her on my team) and has used personas on several occassions.