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Friday, January 13, 2006

The Web's New Wasteland

The Web's New Wasteland:

Interesting article, highly recommend it. The author is critical of recent developments into emergent and converging media space. He is specifically inspired by Bill Gates' talk at CES, where Gates attempted to "inspire excitement about the death of downtime". I find this vision scary too and it is prevalent in many commercials for example for handhelds etc. Don't ever waste a minute again, you can productive - and available - all the time while others are wasting their time reading the newspaper, playing with their kids in flesh and blood or just kicking back and reflecting on this and that.

I agree with the author that there are plenty of pit-falls in these visions for the consumer if it is not done with consumer experience solely in the center of thought and action. The author ends the article with this statement:

"Right now, I'd have to say the strongest candidate of all to win this race is Yahoo! Its monthly rates for music and videos are low, and its content offerings are broad. It has had deep and longstanding relationships with content providers, while building the trust of small, independent content creators. And its careful study of its users online habits give it unprecedented insight into how to make video content something desirable -- not something to be feared as in Gates' hellish vision. "