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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I am sad!

Ex-Crips leader Williams executed - Yahoo! News

* I am saddened not necessarily because of all the publicity surrounding Williams, but because an individual has died by our hand.
* I am saddened because the role of God is forced upon me even though I do not want to play that role.
* I am saddened because I am reminded that four innocent people were killed in 1979 but also because killing one more does not bring them back (and I doubt it would bring peace to the families of the 4 people slain in 1979 - why would it?).
* I am saddened because once again I am reminded that two wrongs don't make a right.
* I am saddened because I am reminded that in some respects we are still in the black ages of barbarism.
* I am saddened because the death penalty is an instantiation of a childish, but deadly, "eye for an eye philosophy" that hides the complex social causes and effects of serious crimes.
* I am saddened because while we claim the utmost respect for human life, many recent actions contradict this claim, whether those actions happen next door or across the sea.
* I am saddened because, even though I do not consider myself a religious man, I respect and admire principles of forgiveness, redemption and respect for human life. And I see these principles trod on again and again by the same people who claim to live by them.
* I am saddened because yet another man has died in vain. The death penalty has no deterrent effect.
* I am saddened because regardless of what people think of the death sentence, it will unavoidebly result in the killings of innocent.


I am sad not because of Williams per se, because in the end this is not about him. It is about us and the ways and values we choose to live by.