ad Silicon Tails: BayChi Panel on User research Strategies

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

BayChi Panel on User research Strategies

I was in a baychi panel yesterday with 4 other user research managers or directors from Google, Intuit, Adobe and Ebay. I think it was a good evening with some good discusion about the role and value of user research - better than I had expected actually (although some panel questions got somewhat tactical).

I have not found a lot of discussion about this event in the blogosphere although the turn-out was pretty good, but Steve Portigal gives his take here. He points out that the panelist didn't get into much of a discussion between each other - hey, maybe that's what I liked for once: It was a friendly atmosphere and we weren't trying to lash out at each other :-). I have some thoughts on some of the comments from my distinguished co-panelists (one in particular - dare I say, better not) but we kept it at the diplomatic level last night.