ad Silicon Tails: Sophia is now officially Sophia

Monday, May 30, 2005

Sophia is now officially Sophia

Her full name is: Sophia Zoe Dinesen Kaasgaard.

Sophia, by the way, is Greek and means "Wisdom" (Zoe, also Greek, means "Life"), but I have to admit I only looked that up after we finally agreed on the name about 2 hours ago. We have gone back and forth between Sophia and Zoe for 2 months, and we just took that indecisiveness all the way by giving her both names, although you can say that Sophia, being the first name, won.

Speaking of names, I came across this at (geez, the sites I surf these days :-): "After three years at the top, Emily has been unseated by Emma as the most popular girl name in the United States...". And while we're at it, Emma is an old German word for "Universal", which we found appropriate when she was born.